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Warriors of the Air

Ulysses Boothe
The Undertaker of the Skies Leads Black Hat Gang To Riches

The Black Hat Gang has gained great notoriety in the last few months, growing from relative unknowns into a fearsome gang. The gang is now composed of several squadrons, and can sortie at least two zeppelins.

In the course of this phenomenal growth the Black Hats have humiliated Paladin Blak—founder of Blake Aviation Security, once the international leader in aerial security. Who is the leader behind this powerful organization? Who built the Black Hats up to challenge and embarrass the Knight of the Skies?

His name is Ulysses Boothe, and it has taken him years of work to become an overnight success. Reliable witnesses place Boothe at the scene of several of the largest Black Hat heists. Although authorities have identified several other men as important ringleaders, Boothe seems to rule them all.

Boothe—called the "Undertaker of the Skies" due to his penchant for dropping his victims from thousands of feet—is now on the Most Wanted Lists of seven nations: Pacifica, Hollywood, Arixo, Republic of Texas, the People's Collective, the Confederate States, and the Empire State. Not bad for a man who most air militias never heard of before last year.

Ulysses Boothe started in crime as a small time thug in Brooklyn, New York, working on the edges of organized crime during the last decade of the U.S.A. Boothe's Empire State criminal record states that he started as a legbreaker for a bootlegging organization, and later became hired muscle for the crime syndicate's aerial smuggling ring. This is where Boothe learned to fly, and probably where he picked up the leadership ability that has served him so well in the last year.

With the rise of air piracy Boothe switched careers and became a criminal pilot, using his developing piloting skills to secure berths with various small-time pirate gangs. It was in this period that Boothe met his mentor, Lucas Miles, a successful but comparatively minor pirate gangster whose major claim to fame is the "Akwesasne Massacre" (an attack on a Native American settlement located in the northern Empire State; the attack was reportedly Miles' retaliation against the Akwesasne militia the "Mohawk Warriors").

Boothe and Miles were successful in evading the law and after a series of adventures and escapes, including capturing a British military zeppelin in Ontario, raiding across the People's Collective, Pacifica, Hollywood, and Arixo, and gunning down a dozen Pacifica law officers. Eventually, Boothe and Miles met up with the other current headline grabber of North America, Nathan Zachary, and formed a brief partnership. The two gangs worked together around the Caribbean for some months, finally breaking off their business violently last year. Miles was killed in the confrontation, but Boothe escaped to form the new scourge of the skies, the Black Hat Gang.

Warriors of the Air was unable to find a photograph of Ulysses Boothe; no national agency admits to having one on file, and Blake Aviation Security claims there are none. Boothe is reported to be 5'10" tall, 230 lbs, with blunt features and short medium brown hair.

Where will Boothe and his Black Hats strike next? What will be their target? Be sure and find out in Warriors of the Air!

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