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Diamond Deception
New By Brannon Boren
The nefarious Medusas gang—and their leader, Justine "Battle—axe" Perot-are pulled into a web of crime, espionage and double-dealing in the thrilling heist caper, "Diamond Deception".

Paladin Blake and the Secret City
By Eric Nylund
The thrilling conclusion to "Paladin Blake and the Secret City!" Paladin Blake leads the crew of the Aegis against the mighty combat zep, the Commerce. Outgunned, out of time, can Blake survive "The Sky Juggernaut"?

The Manchurian Gambit
by Michael B. Lee<br> A complete, 13-chapter Spicy Air Tales novella!
Notorious pirate and master criminal, Jonathan "Genghis" Kahn, leads his dreaded Red Skull Legion on a quest for a fortune in gold!

Stripped of Honor!
By Geoff Skellams
A complete, 13-chapter Spicy Air Tales novella!
A botched raid on a pirate base sends Empire State air ace, Loyle "Show-stopper" Crawford, on a deadly hunt for a traitor within the Broadway Bombers!

Charlie Steele and the Menace in the Mountains
by Nancy Berman with Noah Dudley
A complete, 12-part Spicy Air Tales novella!
Hollywood aviatrix "Charlie" Steele leads a daring secret mission into the heart of a pirate stronghold. Can Charlie and her secret squadron defeat the pirates of Sky Haven?

By Brian Lowe, Noah Dudley, and Nancy Berman
Everyone has heard of the world-famous Hollywood Knights, the elite aerial militia which defends the skies over Hollywood. What many people don't know is that the now-numerous squadrons of the Knights began with a single plane and a very determined young lady.

Back Issues!
Don't miss the thrilling adventures of your favorite air aces...delivered to you via high-speed aeromail! Each back issue features a newly revised and edited retelling of a Spicy Air Tales serial story, plus new cover art, profiles of new aircraft, and more!

Collect Them All

Spicy Air Tales, Vol. 7, No. 1.

The very first Paladin Blake novella, from the pages of Spicy Air Tales! Don't miss this thrill-packed story of deadly dogfights, dangerous dames, and dark duplicity! By Eric Nylund.

Read the original version online, or click here to download the new, revised edition!

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