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Spicy Air Tales brings you action and drama right out of today's headlines. Some of the finest authors of the age have risked life and limb to interview the pilots and pirates whose very actions form the world we live in. Using this valuable first-hand source material they bring to life these amazing true stories so powerfully that... You Are There.

Air Action Weekly has been the authority on the pilots, planes, and events over North America since 1928. Published simultaneously in eight nations of North America and abroad, AAW has offices in The Empire State, The Nation of Hollywood, The Republic of Texas, and Free Colorado. Want to know more about the latest militia engagement in the skies over North America? Read about it here, in the words of the pilots themselves!

Atlas World News brings you current events from around the globe, from political intrigue in the League of Nations to entertainment news from the Nation of Hollywood. Since Atlas World News is not affiliated with any nation, AWN reporters have access to news from across the continent¼and beyond.

Due to the popularity of Air Action Weekly's annual "Warriors of the Air" special issues, we are proud to present the newest jewel in the AAW crow: Warriors of the Air. This journal features biographies and gossip about the daring militia pilots, dastardly pirate raiders, and popular aviation celebrities. Want to know what the Black Swan is up to? Read on…

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