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Japanese delegates depart Pacifica

Under a dark cloud of seeming failure, Japanese delegates boarded their zeppelin transport this morning, ending the conference with Pacifican diplomats two days earlier than planned. The meeting was intended to bring the two sides closer to a treaty regarding activities in the Pacific, but after heated debate and even a public squabble between one Japanese economist and the Pacifican Secretary of Trade, the two sides have given up on any hope of reaching an agreement.

"The Japanese demands were preposterous," said an anonymous member of the Pacifican government. "Limits on Pacifican fleet and plane movements; tariffs which were so high they might as well be piracy. They even demanded the right to board and search Pacifican ships and zeppelins. You couldn't print our response."

The leader of the Japanese delegation delivered a short statement before departing: "It is unfortunate that we have not been able to reach a compromise. Japan has been a power in the Pacific for many centuries, and of course we will continue to be. Pacifica and Japan must reach an agreement in the days ahead, or the possibility of conflict remains. As peaceful and prosperous nations, surely we will try again to find common ground between us."

Pacifican aircraft escorted the Japanese zeppelin as it departed the Vancouver Aerodrome, but many were surprised to see the airship headed to the south-east, rather than westward. No official comments regarding the Japanese zeppelin's destination were given.


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