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Air Action Weekly
Photo by V. Bonilla, AWN

Dogfight Over Central Park!

Zeppelin Downed By “Gentleman Pirate”

An enormous Red Skull Legion Zeppelin exploded in a huge fireball over Central Park yesterday. According to eyewitnesses, Nathan Zachary, the so-called “Gentleman Pirate,” fired the fatal shot that took down the mighty airship.

It is unknown how many people were on board the zeppelin when it crashed. Witnesses said several people escape from the flames. It is rumored that Jonathan “Genghis” Kahn, the leader of the Red Skull Legion, was among those on the ill-fated ship. Amazingly, no one on the ground was injured in the crash.

It is believed the Zeppelin was transporting valuable diamonds; diamonds that were reported stolen from a local Wall Street tycoon, shortly after the stock market crashed in 1929. Several witnesses said they saw Nathan Zachary and his gang removing several boxes from the wreckage in the park.

Nathan Zachary was recently dubbed the “Gentleman Pirate” by going out of his way to avoid wanton death and destruction of those he considers to be innocent while performing his misdeeds. However, his definition of “innocent” doesn’t include the likes of the nefarious leader of the Red Skull Legion, “Genghis” Kahn.

In the past, Kahn and Zachary have managed to steer clear of one another, but a recent conflict in the Free Colorado pirate enclave, Sky Haven, has put Kahn, Zachary and the deadly aviatrix, the Black Swan, into conflict. Eyewitness reports have filtered out of the Free Colorado Rockies, describing a full-fledged bar brawl involving these pirates, stolen microfilm, and the precious Rahahijasi Diamond.

So, was the stolen Rahahijasi Diamond aboard the downed zep? Empire State Bureau of Investigation Detective Ronald Simms was skeptical. “There’s no hard evidence that the diamond – the property of the Maharajah of Delhi – is even in North America.”

Still, the presence of Zachary and his Fortune Hunters lead many to speculate that there’s more to this story than meets the eye.
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