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Air Action Weekly


Air Action Weekly


Red Skulls Prime Suspects

In a daring move, air pirates ambushed a truck carrying small arms from the Anvil Manufacturing plant 50 miles outside of Chicago. The truck was traveling with a security escort when they were attacked from the air by a pair of Fairchild F6II Brigands.

“Definitely Brigands,” said guard Herman Mosley. “My son is a pilot with the Air Militia—the 19th Squadron—so I know about planes.” Other witnesses confirmed his identification.

Once the vehicles were disabled, the planes landed on the roadway and armed men overwhelmed the guards and drivers. A zeppelin bearing the logo of the Red Skull Legion then descended and lowered a cable to hoist up the stolen cargo. Dozens of cases of weapons and ammunition were taken, including .45 submachine guns, pistols, and military rifles destined for the I.S.A. Army.

I.S.A. officials were outraged. “This is a new level of arrogance. I didn't think even Jonathan Kahn could be this stupid,” said Colonel Arthur Buskins. “If he thinks he's going to get away with stealing from the Army, he's got another thing coming. He can't stay up there in the clouds forever.”

With tensions escalating between the I.S.A. and Ontario, as well as between the tightly-packed east coast nations, and with Pacifica and Hollywood chilling relations, Anvil Manufacturing is struggling to meet weapon orders. “This certainly is a setback we didn't need,” said a company representative. “We've got a very strong business right now, and we're really going all out to satisfy demand. Our customers expect delivery on time, though. We're not making shortcakes—when you need rifles to defend your country, you can't wait around.

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