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Welcome to the Rules reference area. In this section, we will feature new rules options for Crimson Skies, new scenarios, and other information related to FASA's Crimson Skies board game.

This week, we feature answers to some frequently asked questions about the board game's rules:

How long does Shock last?

Shock lasts for the rest of the turn in which you became shocked, and the entire next turn.

Can I be "doubly shocked"?

No. You are either in shock, or you are not.

Do I lose a point of Constitution for every canopy hit?

No. You lose 1 point of Constitution for every box marked off of the Pilot/Gunner damage location. Canopy hits require you to roll to avoid being shocked, but you do not lose Constitution.

The rules say that if one side of the plane's rudder is damaged, the plane can only maneuver in that direction. What happens if I become shocked, and can only go straight?

You may fly straight. The rules for rudder damage are unclear, and do allow straight maneuvers in addition to the direction of the rudder damage.

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