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Since not all Air Action Weekly dispatches can be flown in by air-courier, there are bound to be some small errors between telegraph and printing press. If you find a glaring omission or error, let us know at webmaster@crimsonskies.com so we can dock those lazy telegraph jockeys a day's pay. We apologize for any inconvenience these errors may have caused.

Pilot's Campaign Log, page 8 of the Rules book.

The list of "What's in the Box" names a "Pilot's Campaign Log". No such item exists.

Hughes Devastator, page 1 of the Record Sheets and Templates book.

The armor diagram is that of a front-engined plane, where the Devastator is a pusher.

Forward-Facing Turrets, page 66 of the Aircraft book.

The rules state that a heavy fighter may mount a front- or rear-facing turret. Only rear-facing turrets are allowed. (For those wondering why there isn't a record sheet for planes with front-mounted turrets, this is it.)

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