Sioux Aeronautics Thmunga (Killer Bee)

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Sioux Aeronautics Thmunga (Killer Bee)

Postby Cyagen » Sat Mar 30, 2013 12:36 pm

Sioux Aeronautics Thmunga (Killer Bee)

Soon after independence, the Lakota territory tribal council made the conscious decision to concentrate most of its air force in Zeppelins instead of building airfield to house them. This went hand in hand with the nomadic history of the tribes and also gave them the ability to project power a lot for a nation that size. However, supply remained a problem for the Lakotas that were flying a eclectic collection of fighter that required different parts and ammos.

Harry Paleface, a Sioux Métis engineer that moved to the territory in 1933 and started to work of the Lakota tribal council saw the opportunity to use his skills to help is people and make a profit. He developed a no-frill fighter that would fit perfectly in the Zeppelin, use little space and allow for a quick deployment of numerous fighters.

The Thumga (or Killer Bee) was a success with the Lakota Air Force that liked its speed, decent firepower and simplicity to maintain. The same factors also made it a success on the private market, the plane being a common sight in the center of the continent. In the disputed Western territories, each zeppelin has at least one or two of them on board.

Being limited by their limited fuel capacity, the Killer Bee usually stay close to the mother ship until the enemy is in range, it then uses its speed to close down, engage and destroy the enemy.

Sioux Aeronautics Thmunga (Killer Bee)
BTN: 8 Speed: 5 Gs: 2 AC: 2
Armor: 150 (N:30, PL:30, PT:20, SL:30, ST:20, T:20
Armament: 1x 50, 2x 40, 3 Rocket Hardpoints
Special characteristics:
Parasite Fighter
No Landing gear
Inferior Range (-25%)
In service of: Lakota
Malphas, over and out

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